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About Word Cloud Creation Tool

This is a free online tool to create beautiful images from text input. This tool is free to use and you can download images from here to use anywhere.

What is a word cloud?

Word cloud generation tool

Word cloud is a creative way of expressing text in the form of a picture. The size of text in a image can emphasize the importance of a word. Most of the times it gives

Can I use images generated from this tool?

Yes, you can download and use the images generated from this tool anywhere you like.

How is the word cloud generated?

This tool uses simple HTML canvas and Javascript to create images from text. Following steps are followed in generation of word cloud.

  • Cleanse the text. Remove whitespaces and special characters
  • Remove Stopwords - based on this tool backend.
  • Identify Unique words and their occurance.
  • Randomly identify Fant Family for the picture
  • Allocate font size to Unique words based on their occurance.
  • Draw each words in a random orientation and color.

Some words are missing?

This tool removes common English Stopwords from the word cloud.

Why I can not get a URL to the generated image?

The Images generated from this tool are not hosted anywhere. You download it and host it whereever you like. This tool is static website that does not have dynamic image storage.

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