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About Bar Code Generator Tool

Online Open Source Bar Code Generator Tool

This is a free online tool to generate Bar code for any text. You can copy/paste your desired text/string in above text field and hit Generate Bar Code button.

What is a Bar Code?

It is a visual code that can be read by machines using camera. It is commonly used in mobile phones to read the URL from a printed media like message board or visiting card.

Want To Know What Is The Bar Code of a Character or String?

That is easy. Just type the character or a full string in the text box above and hit Generate Bar Code button. You should be able to see the Bar Code Image on right side.

How To Download Bar Code Image?

The Bar code generated on this page can be downloaded using Download Bar code button. You can also download it (on most browsers except safari) by doing right click on image and choosing save image menu option.

Can I Print this Bar Code?

Yes, the generated Bar code is absolutely free to use for personal or business purposes. You can print it on a paper, visiting card, t-shirt or anywhere you like.

What Types of bardcode are supported by this tool?

This tool supports following barcodes

  • UPC - Universal Product Codes - 12 Digit
  • EAN-2 - European Article Number
  • EAN-5 - European Article Number
  • EAN-8 - European Article Number
  • EAN-13 - European Article Number (13 DIGIT)
  • GTIN-8 - Global Trade Item Number (8 DIGIT)
  • GTIN-12 - Global Trade Item Number (12 DIGIT)
  • GTIN-13 - Global Trade Item Number (13 DIGIT)
  • GTIN-14 - Global Trade Item Number (14 DIGIT)
  • CODE128
  • CODE128A
  • CODE128B
  • CODE128C
  • ITF14
  • MSI
  • MSI10
  • MSI11
  • MSI1010
  • MSI1110
  • pharmacode
  • codabar

How does autodetect work?

The tool understand some known barcode formats. It can guess the format by looking at the length of string. e.g. any 12 digit code would be assumed to be UPC.

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