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About CSS Button Generator Tool

Online CSS Button Generator Tool for website

This is a free online tool to generate CSS styled beautiful looking HTML button code for any web page. You can customize your button as per your website design and use the code.

What is a CSS?

CSS (Cascading StyleSheet) is a language for HTML page beautification. A very plain HTML page can be transformed with simple CSS code into a really beautiful and highly usable page. It helps user by making page more readable and good for use.

Does This Button Work On All Browsers?

The generated CSS button code is compatible with all modern browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. We have used cross browser HTML and CSS styles to keep it simple.

How To Create These Buttons?

If you do not have a preference, you can just pick the default button with just text customization. Feel free to play around with different values to change the look and feel of the button.

What Colors Do I Choose?

A button needs to fit with your website colors theme. Try to use the colors on your website in the button instead of inventing a new color. For most people default settings are good enough with a slight color change.

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