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About Binary Code to Text Converter Tool

Binary to text converter tool : translator

This is a free online tool to convert a raw binary input data into plain text. This is a simple and free way to translate any binary string to plain text.

What is Binary code?

Binary is a base-2 numeral system used by computers and digital systems to represent data. It consists of only two digits, 0 and 1. Each binary digit (bit) represents a power of 2, and combinations of bits are used to encode information, including numbers, text, and instructions. Binary is the fundamental language of computers, enabling efficient and reliable data processing and storage.

What Is Plain Text Format?

Plain text format is a simple and straightforward text file format that contains only basic text characters without any complex formatting, such as bold, italics, or special fonts. Plain text files typically have a .txt extension and can be created and edited with any text editor. They are widely used for their simplicity, compatibility, and ease of processing by various software applications and operating systems.

Why Convert From Binary to Text?

  • Readability: Binary code (composed of 0s and 1s) is difficult for humans to read and interpret. Converting it to text makes the information understandable.
  • Communication: Text is the primary way humans communicate information. Converting binary to text allows data to be displayed, read, and shared effectively.
  • Debugging: In programming and debugging, converting binary data to text helps developers understand and diagnose issues within code or data streams.
  • Data Storage: Text is often used to store information in a format that is easy to edit and manage. Converting binary data to text makes it easier to handle and store in text files.
  • Interoperability: Different systems and applications often need to exchange data. Text is a universal format, so converting binary data to text ensures compatibility across diverse platforms and software.

By converting binary to text, data becomes more accessible and usable in various contexts.

How binary is converted to text?

Binary is converted to text by grouping binary digits into 8-bit segments, converting each segment to its decimal equivalent, and mapping these decimal values to characters using the ASCII table. For example, the binary 01001000 converts to the decimal 72, which corresponds to the character 'H' in ASCII. This process makes binary data human-readable.

Why am I getting error 'Invalid binary input length'?

The error occurs because the function is designed to work with binary strings whose lengths are multiples of 8 (1 byte per character). For example: A 17-character binary string isn't a multiple of 8, which is why the function returns "Invalid binary input length. Please check the input is not missing any charsters or has any special characters.

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