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About Stopwords Cleanser Tool

Online Stopwords removal tool

This is a free online tool to remove and clean any text. The tool is opensource and free to use. It works in any modern browser. This tool uses a default stopwords list in English.

Can I remove my custom stopwords?

Yes, this tool support custom stopwords. You can add your own words and use them as stopwords. This tool can remember your custom stopwords in your browser. This feature can be handy for repeat use. Please note to use same browser to ensure data saved on your browser can be used, this site does not have any server side storage so if you change your browser your custom stopwords need to be added again.

Can I remove non-English stopwords?

Yes, you can use the custom stopwords in any language. However, we donot have a predefined list of each language. You can contribute a language if you would like.

What are stopwords?

Stopwords are the words that commonly appear in natural language. The concept of stopwords is common in datamining, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). These repeating words (stopwords) donot add much value in machine learning. Therefore it has become a common practice to remove them from text under analysis.

Why do we remove stop words?

Stop words may not be value add in computing. Therefore most of the machine leanring and data processing tools remove them before processing.

This approach also reduces the size of text to process. Smaller text can be analyzed quicker. When machine learning is doing a big data analysis it becomes essential to clean up the text to save resources.

What are common stopwords?

The commonly removed stop words are listed below

a the then than is was not

How many stopwords in English?

The list of stopwords can grow based on the application and context of use. Some stopwords list have upto 800+ words in them.

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