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About Unique Word Extractor Tool

Online Unique word extraction Tool

This is a free online tool to extract unique words from any plain text. The tool also shows the number of unique words extracted. You can just copy/paste the new line separated words from the result text box.

What is a word list?

Word lists are useful way to memorize certain words. This tool makes it easy to find unique words from any text and create a list. This word list finder is used by many people to create their ad campaigns based on selected words.

What is a unique word?

In plain text, many words are repeated. This tool can help you identify all the words that are present.

What Is The use of unique words?

Unique words can be used to identify many things. e.g. Many SEO experts may use it for keyword densityand other analysis purposes.

Unique words are handy to create word clouds too. Just throw these words into a word cloud maker and it will do the magic.

Can I Use This Tool for languages other than english?

Yes, this tool can easily be used for any text and can help you identify all unique words. Give it a try.

How many words can this tool support?

This tool uses browser memory to process the text. It can support a very large text depending on your browser.

On a Macbook Pro it can easily identify several thousand words

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