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About Average Crypto Currency Price Calculator Tool

Online  Average Crypto Currency Price Calculator Tool

This is a free online tool to calculate average price of cryptos purchased. Can be really handy tool when you have a dollar cost averaging investment and want to know what is your average purchase price.

Can I use this to calculate fractional quantity average price?

Yes, you can use this tool to calcualte on fractional quantity that is usually the case in all cryptocurrencies and also common in stock market for fractional shares.

What is a average price?

Average price is calculated using total quantity purchased and total price paid. This tool can also take care of fractional quantity.

Can I use this to calculate average Bitcoin or Ethereum Price?

Yes, you can use this tool to calcualte the average bitcoin or ethereum price you have paid. This is a general purpose tool that can be used to caculate average price of anything including stocks, crypto currencies like Algorand, Solana, Cardano, Avalanche, Polygon, Loopring, Shiba Inu, Dodge Coin and more.

How Can I calculate average for more than 5 transactions in this tool?

You can use add more button to add as many transactions you like. The calculations are automatically updated as you make more entries.

Why do you need this tool to calculate average price?

This tool is a simple way to calculate few transactions average. It can be handy when you are deciding to sell your crypto currencies. I use them to calculate my average price for crypto trading bots manual safety orders on 3commas. It can also be handy to decide buying at a price when you want to bring down the average purchase price.

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