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About CSV to JSON Converter Tool

CSV to JSON format converter tool

This is a free online tool to convert a CSV file into a JSON array. You can also use it to convert from JSON to CSV. The default CSV delimiter is assumed to be comma, however you can changed it by selecting delimiter from drop down menu.

What is a CSV?

CSV or Comma Separated Values is a popular format to store large data tables. Tools like microsoft excell and many other software export data in this format.

What Is JSON Format?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is way to represent data in JavaScript object format. It is popular for programming purposes. Many application programs interact using JSON format data. Most of REST API development is preferred in this format.

Why Convert From CSV to JSON?

CSV data can be easy to read for human, however JSON data format can be used by JavaScript and other software easily. Many tools may support JSON format and you can import your data by simply converting from CSV to JSON.

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