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eBay Feedback Generator Tool

About eBay Feedback Generator Tool

This is a free online tool to generate a short positive feedback for a ebay user. This tool takes care of randomly picking a good feedback from list of various different text.

How To Use This Tool To Generate More Positive Feedback on Ebay?

This tool can be handy for your buyers to quickly send a positive review on recent purchase.

You can use a message like below (sample template emails) to your buyers that can encourage them writing you a feedback in few seconds.

Template Email #1 : Generic

Template Email #2 : Small/Family Business

Template Email #3 : Short and Simple

What is the use of this eBay Feedback Generator?

As a ebay user (buyer or seller) I do a lot of interaction with people. I often come across awesome folks that deserve a positive feedback. At times it is difficult to think about some text to write.

I have collected many awesome feedback and created this tool to randomly pick a feedback. This makes my life easier and I can post multiple feedback in few seconds.

How This Tool Can Help Busy Sellers?

As a busy eBay seller, you may have a lot of things to do. This may leave you with very less time to leave feedback.

Using this tool you can quickly pick a randomly selected ebay feedback for a buyer and post it.

Why You Should Post A Buyer Feedback on eBAy?

Posting a buyer feedback is a proven and successful way to receive positive feedback from buyers.

Once you post a review for buyer, ebay system informs the buyer about a feedback. This acts as very effective means to motivate buyer for rating the seller as well.

Want To Get An Idea For Writing Feedback?

That is easy. Just hit the Suggest Feedback button and the tool will suggest you a completely new random and awesome feedback.

How To Get More Positive Feedback On eBay?

Getting positive feedback requires a lot of effort from sellers. This includes the quality of service and product.

In addition to that following things can help you get better feedback.

  • Ask for feedback to the buyer after they have received the product or service.
  • Provide your feedback for the buyer.
  • Respond quickly and promptly to buyer queries.

Can I Copy The Feedback and Use it?

The feedback suggested by this tool are absolutely free for you to use. You can easily copy it from the suggestion text box and use any way you like.

I Do Not Like The Feedback Suggested By This. What Should I Do?

The feedback idea suggested in this tool may not always be relevant. In such cases just hit the "Suggest Feedback" button again and you can see a new feedback suggestion. Keep trying until you really discover your favorite feedback text.

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