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About Find and Replace Text Tool

Online string replace tool

This is a free online tool to find and replace any text. The tool finds all occurance of a string and replaces it. The output text is available for you to quickly copy/paste anywhere you like. The tool is opensource and free to use. It works in any modern browser. This tool uses a a simple browser based JavaScript code to replace text in any language.

Can I replace ignoring case?

Yes, this tool also supports both case sensitve and ignore case match. You need to use the "Ignore case" button for doing case insensitive replace.

Can I replace any non-English text?

Yes, this tool supports any language your browser can support. You can replace text in English, German, French, Spanish and Many other languages supported by modern browsers.

Can I Replace large text?

Yes, you can use the tool to find and replace any string in a very large text input. The size of text may be limited by the browser limits and the amount you can copy comfortable. Many times you may see slowness in copy/paste due to text being very large e.g. hudnreds of megabyte text in clipboard can be hard to handle on computer with small RAM. The tool will work as long as you can copy/paste some text here.

What are common uses of this tool?

Find and replace is a commonly used functionaly available in all modern text editors. This is absolutely required for updating a large document. This tool gives you access to this functionality in your browser so you can use it even on your mobile phone.

Online string replace example from tool

Why do we replace strings?

Replace string a common way to fix typo or other mistakes in any document or text. Using a replace all function you can easily and quickly change the text. This saves time and effort when the string to replace has thousands of occurrance.

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