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About HTML Link Extractor Tool

This is a free online tool to extract URLs from a HTML document. You can copy/paste any HTML document in the text area and hit the "Extract URLs" button to get list of all unique links on the HTML page.

This tool is also commonly called as href extractor tool due to HTML attribute HREF in the anchor tag a.

What is a HTML?

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is used for web pages. All web pages on internet use this language. Browsers understand this language and render pages accordingly.

What Is Link?

Online link Extractor Tool from HTML data

A link or URL or HREF value is common name for web page address. A link uniquely identifies a page location on internet.

Why Extract URLs From HTML?

Extracting the URL from HTML pages can be done for many reasons. I like to do it for web scraping and content research. HTML is powerful language for browsers, however, human can not easily read HTML pages. This page can easily extract all reference link from a HTML page and you can use them as you like.

How Do You Extract URLs From HTML?

Every HTML document contains link in a specific format. We look for anchor tags in HTML document and extract the value of HREF attribute from it.

My HTML Document Has Duplicate Links. What Can You Do?

We automatically remove duplicate links from the results.

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