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About HTML Link Creator Tool

Online HTML link Generator Tool

This is a free online tool to create simple HTML link code from an existing URL. The input to this tool is a valid url and optional link text. Output of this tool is an updated HTML code that can be used as valid HTML.

What is a HTML Link?

A HTML link is simple way to add a web page URL on a website.

Do I Need To Enter The Link Text Always?

The link text field is optional.

If you do not provide the link text we will default it to 'click here'

Can I create a dofollow or nofollow link?

Yes, you can select the link type option to create dofollow and nofollow links.

The default value for link is dofollow, this will not be added in the code since it is default browser behavior when rel is not present.

How to create a link that open in new window?

To create a link that opens in new window you need to select the 'Link Open' option value of 'New Window/Tab' that corresponds to html attribute target='_blank'

How To Use These Links?

You can use these links to share on social media, blog or in emails. You can also add them to your website or in blog comments.

How To Make Money Using Links and This Tool?

There are many affiliate websites that may pay you for sharing a web page.

  • Share an awesome product link with your friends.
  • Write a review of product on a blog.
  • Email your friends about your favorite products on a website.
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