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About JSON to Property format Converter Tool

JSON to Property format converter tool

This is a free online tool to convert a JSON formatted data to property file format. This can be useful for automation testing of REST based services. You can convert any JSON data to 'KEY = VALUE' format using this tool.

What is a JSON?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a popular format used to transfer data between applications. It is very common object format in web applications. JavaScript applications do not require any speciall handling for this type of data since its is already an object of javascript format.

What is a Property format?

Property files are common way to provide KEY, VALUE pair configuration for programs.

Many programming langugages use configuration files that have simple format that stores each KEY = VALUE pair in new line.

Why Convert From JSON to Property file format?

Property files are easy to read and can contain entries in KEY = VALUE format that makes validations and configuration easy.

Why Do We Need A JSON to Property Format Converter Online?

The online converter is a good help for automation testing of REST based services. This tool can be handy since you just need to paste the JSON response in the input field and hit convert button.

The same task can be done manually, however it can be cumbersome. This tool can save you some time and follow a consistent pattern to create property key names.

You just need to copy and paste the JSON data into this tool and get the property format data (KEY = VALUE).

Property files are easy to read in Java, you can easily convert data in a property file to a java.util.Map format and access it easily.

Many times, we do not want to parse the full JSON since only small part of the data is used. In that case this tool can help you hand pick the fields you are interseted in.

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