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About HTML Table to JSON Converter Tool

This is a free online tool to convert a HTML table formatted data to JSON. This can be useful for webscraping needs. You can convert any HTML table on web pages to JSON and use as input for other software.

What is a JSON?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a popular format used to transfer data between applications. It is very common object format in web applications. JavaScript applications do not require any speciall handling for this type of data since its is already an object of javascript format.

What is a HTML table?

HTML tables are the most popular format of data display on the Internet. Any information that needs tabular display can be easily displayed using HTML <table> tag.

The HTML tables are also a rich form of display on web page. This is possible with the help of JavaScript programming. Now users can interact with table e.g. sort it, or highlight the line to match content etc.

Why Convert From HTML table to JSON?

There is a lot of information on web that can used to develop other tools and information. JSON is a easy to consume data for dynamic web applications. If you find a web page with HTML table fromatted data then you can easily convert it using this tool and use it in your application.

Why Do We Need A Html Table to JSON Converter Online?

The online converter is a good help for content researchers and manual web scrappers. This tool can be handy since you just need to use a web browser.

Any HTML table can be browsed on a web browser and a view source (on IE) or inspect element (on Chrome, Firefox and other browsers) can show you the HTML code of table.

You just need to copy and paste the HTML table code into this tool and get the JSON data.

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