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XML Escape and UnEscape

About XML Escape and UnEscape Tool

This is a free online tool to escape and unescape XML markup. You can copy/paste your desired XML in below text field and hit Escape or UnEscape button.

What is XML Escaping?

HTML escaping is used to represent special meaning characters in a XML code. e.g. less than symbol < has a special meaning in XML markup language. But in case your data contains a less than symbol < and you want to send it without confusing the browser then you need to send it as &lt; instead of < . Simlarly there are many other special characters that can be used as part of XML markup. Below sample list can give you a idea of what this means.

XML Escaping Characters

Character XML Escape Value
quote (") &quot;
amphersand (&) &amp;
less than symbol (<) &lt;
greater than symbol (>) &gt;
single quote (') &apos;

Want To Know What Is The XML Escaped Value of a Character?

That is easy. Just type the character or a full string in the text box above and hit Escape button. You should be able to see the escaped value.

What is HTML UnEscaping?

XML UnEscaping is the reverse process of escaping. This is used by the browser and client side programming languages to get the real data value from escaped string.

What Characters Need To Be Escaped?

Only few special meaning character need to be escaped. These characters have special use in XML markup language.

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