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About Bar Code Sample Data Tool

Online Open Source Sample Data Bar Code Tool

This is a free online tool to test sample barcodes. The tool randomly shows a barcode from list of hundreds of barcode values.

How To Generate Bar Code?

You can use our barcode generator tool for generating barcode. It is available here

How Can I Use This tool?

You can use this tool for various things. I personally use it for testing barcode scanning feature on various devices. Just point the scanner to barcode image and it should work.

How To Download Bar Code Image?

The Bar code generated on this page can be downloaded using Download Bar code button. You can also download it (on most browsers except safari) by doing right click on image and choosing save image menu option.

Is this Bar Code Printable?

Yes, the generated Bar code image can be printed easily.

How does the tool generate barcode?

The tool generates barcode images using Javascript and HTML canvas element. The generated barcode values are based on a predefined list.

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